Danaks group of companies is a designer and developer of custom ruggedized computer solutions for exploitation in harsh environments.

Danaks was established in 2003 by group of European engineers specializing in researching, designing, modeling, developing and testing of military electronics in harsh environments. Our idea is to deliver exclusive military class product to the civil sector. Canadian branch of Danaks Corp was established in 2012 with the purpose of development and production of computer systems for North American market.

Now we are proud to say that our products are ready for Canada and US, all our products meet or exceed MIL-STD standard. Our developments comprise both European and American engineering traditions and experience and we strive our equipment will always be called “the best-of-breed”.

Our rugged computer equipment will perfectly fit:

  • Military
  • Civil and Military Aviation
  • Civil and Military Naval
  • Gas and Oil Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Transportation
  • Emergency services: Equipment for Ambulances and Fire Trucks, rescue operations and so on.
  • Surveying
  • And many other industries that require reliable equipment.

Our self-heated computer equipment will remain operational in temperatures up to -40°C and will also operate perfectly fine at temperatures up to +75°C (167°F). We make our equipment to last, this is why or engineers enabled our customers to upgrade their equipment during lifecycle, unique main board enables customer to upgrade your CPU, bus speed and maximum memory capacity with the help of COMe CPU boards.

We have years of experience in supplying thousands of working units that have reliably operated in most extreme environments around the globe.

We bring the feeling of reliability back and give our clients one more value – the value of reliability!