Development of Control Systems of Automatic Transmissions

Our Transmission department provides R&D and production services of :
-Electronic Control Units for Hydromechanical, Electromechanical and Hybrid Transmissions,
-Engine Control Units for common-rail diesel engines.
-Electronic control units for drive motors.

Our services:
– development and adaptation of algorithms of HMT gear shifting, control of clutch plates, diagnostics.
– Development and production of Electronic Control Units, gear selectors, sensors, joysticks, electronic pedal modules
– Development of software for ECU
– Stuff training

Examples of HMT ECU implemented in BelAZ mining dump trucks
System includes:
-gear selector SPA-01P or SPA-02K
-electronic control unit MI-01
-display AKSON-IVM
-clutch plate driving valve set
-torque converter driving valve
-retarder valve
-rotation encoder DCV-01
-pressure sensor (main pressure and lubrication)
-oil temperature sensor

Implemented functions:
-automatic and manual gear shifting
-smooth gear shifting through converter ratio valve
-initial shifting time correction
-off-road overdrive protection
-automatic torque converter lock-up
-automatic and manual retarder valve control
-move forward/reverse after brake pedal activation (safety)
-overload protection when shifting reverse during while moving forward
-deloading of clutch plates during shifting
-protection from improper operation
-parking brake protection
-diagnostics of HMT, engine and control system
-clutch plate slide control